The smart phone is a kind of digital Swiss army knife with interchangeable blades.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to add a few blades to make your Crossfitting better.  Look up Crossfit in Google Play or the iTunes Store and you’ll find a host of options for apps.  Add in paleo eating and general fitness apps and you’ll find even more.  To make it easier here are five apps that will help you live the Crossfit lifestyle and won’t cost you more than ten bucks in total.

iWOD (iPhone/iPad) (1.99 for Full Version)

iWod is a one stop Crossfit app.  It has an RSS feed reader preloaded with CF Mainsite, CF Journal, and Paleo Lifestyle streams.  You can add CF 501 WOD streams to easily see what each day’s workout holds at our box.  The app also features timers including a stop watch, a countdown timer for AMRAP workouts, adjustable interval timers and a convenient Tabata timer. 

For workouts there is a video lift library and WOD library featuring all of the major movements and standard Crossfit WODs including the “Girls” and “Heroes.” The Lift log will enable you to keep track of your max weight for various movements, but even more helpful is the WOD log.  Unlike other crossfit apps where you have to tediously type in any WOD that varies from the standard, this WOD log features a white board photo button where you can simply snap a picture of the day’s workout and then record your time, reps, etc.  The only thing that’s missing and would be helpful, particularly in a box that emphasizes good strength development, is a percentage tool to easily calculate percentages for lifts.  Another options that does offer percentage tables ismyWOD

Coach’s Eye (iPhone/Android) (4.99 for Full Version)

Crossfitter’s don’t do mirrors.  And really, how valuable is a mirror when you’re trying to perfect a lift?  On the other hand, when Matt tells me I am pulling the bar too far away from my body on my snatch, I want to see what he means.  Coach’s Eye is an app to fix exactly that problem.  With this app someone can video your lifts and then a coach and reply it in slow motion and use lines and arrows to show what should be happening and what shouldn’t.  Many call it a Crossfit coach’s dream, but more than that it is a Crossfit athlete’s dream. When a coach can show you clearly what you need to fix you’re going to get better, fitter, faster.

My Fitness Pal (iPhone/Android) (Free)

My Fitness Pal is a highly adjustable fitness and diet tracker.  The fitness element isn’t all that helpful for Crossfit, but the diet tracker is very good as long as you go custom and ignore the misguided default settings.  You can set your daily calorie goals and macronutrient categories as percentages.  As someone on a high fat, low carb diet I find this a great tool to make sure I’m where I need to be on my percentages to keep my body in cycles of ketosis.  Whatever your diet, the number of tools and vast food library will serve your particular needs.

Restwise (iPhone/Android) (Free App, but service requires subscription from $19/mo.)

You don’t improve fitness without the right combination of rest and stress, and most of us don’t rest enough or at the right time.  Restwise is a service that helps you know when to rest and when to train hard.  Using a variety of metrics, Restwise enables athletes and coaches to track work and rest to get to higher levels of fitness smarter and faster.

One Rep Max Calculator (iPhone/Android) ($0.99 for Full Version)

If your head spins at all of the percentages on the whiteboard, One Rep Max is for you.  This app both helps you predict your max and, in the premium version, allows you to figure your percentages.  Say I snatch 100 lbs.  for five times.  I plug that number in the app and it tells me that my Max would be 112 lbs. and my 70% would be 78.  This makes getting to the right percentage easier and faster.  The closer you can be to the prescribed percentages the better the whole system is going to work for you. 

Paleo Central (iPhone) ($0.99)

Many Crossfitters are also adherents to the paleo diet.  Paleo Central is an app that’s meant to make paleo eating easy.  It provides lists of good paleo foods, has a food search with grades for whether a food is paleo or not, and even provides a clear guide to what the paleo diet is all about.  This is a great app for beginners to the paleo diet that will leave you with an extensive knowledge of food. 

If you’re looking for paleo apps you may also want to take a look at the myKitchen app from Primal Palate.  It provides over 400 recipes, allows you to create meal plans, and even generates shopping lists.  Best of all it’s free.