Our country wouldn’t be on a nationwide death watch because of obesity if eating good food was easy.  We live busy lives, it’s hard to cook, and when the hunger comes there always seems to be some starchy, fried food waving to us from the roadside.  If we want to eat paleo, Zone, or whatever prescription for a better diet the best way to keep consistent is to follow a few basic principles and tricks.

The first key is that motto I learned in Boy Scouts—be prepared.  This means keeping the fridge and cabinets stocked and carrying good snacks with you when you know you will need them.  I try to keep plenty of food around that is ready to go when I get hungry and go hunting.  That means jars of olives, Kim Chi, smoked herring, tuna, raw almonds and walnuts, carrots, and apples.  Without any preparation I can come in and satisfy my hunger with one of these foods that come in a jar or a can or keep well in the refrigerator.  I also keep ingredients for easy to make foods like smoothies—frozen bananas, berries, spinach, and coconut milk can be combined quickly to make a delicious and healthy post workout breakfast, lunch or snack. 

Matt has a great recipe for two combinations of paleo smoothies he makes:

Green and Blue

Almond Milk

Blue Berries




Coco Milk


Tropical Fruit


I also try to do some light cooking/food prep to have several snacks on hand in the refrigerator.  I try to boil half a dozen eggs every week so that I can grab one on the go if I need it.  If I’m really motivated I’ll make paleo deviled eggs.  I also sometimes make celery sticks filled with almond butter for a quick snack. 

When it comes to cooking meals, preparation is key as well.  Set aside half an hour on the weekend and run some onions, peppers, and garlic through a food processor.  You’ll have base for everything from a frittata to a stir-fry.  Grill some chicken or a sirloin steak over the weekend and cube the meat for a quick addition of protein to a salad.  A restaurant can make your food relatively quickly because they have done the prep-work before you ordered.  Think in the same way and you can make weekday meals faster than you can make it to McDonalds. 

Eating well is a challenge, but you do Crossfit so you’re not against challenges.  It doesn’t have to be that hard though.  Get the right start and it will get easier and easier.   Stick with it and you’ll be saying who has time for fast food?