So you’ve signed up for the paleo challenge, you’re ready to start eating the way human beings were meant to eat, the way we’ve eaten for most of our history.  But then you go to your kitchen and you wonder, what’s for dinner?  You look through that trusted Betty Crocker Cook Book, the standby Joy of Cooking and you come up short.  You’ve bought into the idea of paleo, but other than steak and salad, delicious as they are, what can you cook?

I know your pain.  When I started eating paleo I went through a long process of figuring out what to cook.  I found that the web is full of recipes for paleo eating, but many of them are just bad.  Over time however I’ve found some consistently great website and cookbooks, so I offer them to you as a gift to your New Year’s resolution. 


Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

When I think of a great recipe writer and cook, I don’t think of a shredded twenty-seven year old Marine.  But that’s exactly who’s behind Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.  This website has an incredible variety of paleo recipes with everything from entrees to deserts.  Best of all, the recipes are free (be sure to click on the sponsors, though).  The website also offers a weekly newsletter that delivers recipes to your inbox.

Paleo OMG

Juli Bower, a paleo Crossfitter who could put most of us to shame in a WOD, serves up a great variety of paleo recipes including easy crockpot cooking and killer paleo deserts.  Juli also has some great cooking videos so you can get your food network fix while you drool over food you should actually eat.  Does a chocolate coffee banana donut sound good?  You don’t have to wait for a cheat day, Paleo OMG can help you make it. 

In Print

Primal Blueprint Cookbook

Mark Sisson should be a familiar name to most people who’ve delved into the paleo life.  His Mark’s Daily Apple blog is one of the best resources for paleo knowledge.  He has several books out and a couple of cook books that are all good, but The Primal Blueprint Cookbook is a great one with which to start.  My copy is stained and worn from much use.  Some of my favorites in this book are his Bison Chili and Pumpkin Nut Muffins (made with coconut flour, pumpkin, eggs, and coconut oil these are a great post-WOD food). 

Paleo Comfort Foods

In the south we like our comfort foods.  Thankfully we can still have them, paleo style, with the help of Julie and Chales Mayfield’s Paleo Comfort Foods.  From paleo grits to fried green tomatoes you can still feel like an Arkansan while not ruining your health.