Name: Ryan Bowe

Nickname(s): Rbowe or Bobo

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit July 18th of this year.

Where do you work at? What is your position? What do you do there?

I work for Edward Jones- my office is off of Chenal Parkway here in Little Rock. My official position is that of a Financial Advisor, but within the firm, I’m a “FA”. My position at Edward Jones is a very unique one for a number of reasons. The firm is a partnership which was established to allow each individual advisor the chance to run their individual branch as they see fit. There’s obviously regulatory oversight so we can’t do whatever we please, but it gives me the chance to get out and meet people in the community and plan for a number of things. I specialize in IRA transfers and 401K rollovers, as well as estate planning, life insurance, and education savings as well. The number one thing I like to do for clients is to help them save money on taxes. My favorite calls are the ones I receive from clients that have absolutely nothing to do with the work I do for them, but instead, it’s just them sharing something with me about a trip their going on or some big event in their life. Very rewarding career!


What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Depending on the time of year… It depends. I always love traveling to new places so if I can squeeze that in over the weekend, I’m down. During the fall, I like going up to Fayetteville and watching the HOGS play (its best when they win, but either way). My good friends always have a great spot in the pit to tailgate and we have a great time. At other times, I like to go camping, deer/duck hunting, going to the Farmer’s Market with LeAnn, and sometimes, I just like to sleep in!

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I’m not on a strict diet so to speak – that’s why I do CrossFit – so that I can generally eat what I want and not have to worry about things so much. But, since starting CF, I’ve learned so much about healthier food choices, that it’s become second nature to avoid certain foods. I’d have to say though that Wendy’s chicken nuggets w/ honey mustard sauce would be my cheat. And beer. . . if that counts anyway.

Describe your first WOD w/ CrossFit Little Rock?

My first WOD w/ CFLR… Well, I recall it began w/ Jake introducing everyone and me thinking to myself “Okay… I got this”, which quickly changed. It was hot, I had just worked all day, and I was out of shape. We began w/ a 400m run – which sounded doable until I realized I was sorely out of shape. It then progressed into a lot of a movements with PVC bars and weird stretches as well. I think the WOD was an AMRAP involving burpees… And if you know me, you know I don’t like burpees. One of the guys that was participating and I didn’t know what AMRAP meant so we dubbed it “American Rounds As Prescribed”!

What was the catalyst that made you think, “I have to start working out” or “change your current work routine”?

Many, many things… But, first and foremost, was my beautiful girlfriend, LeAnn, which is how I was introduced to CFLR. She wanted me to start getting healthy and to shed some recently acquired lbs., and thought that I’d like to start at CFLR too. I had bought her a month’s pass to CFLR for her birthday in late June and could immediately see results on her. Jonathan and I actually joked about when I’d be in to start working out since I was signing her up. Aside from LeAnn wanting me to start, I realized, I weighed close to 300lbs, my BP was out of control, my back always hurt, and I was easily winded. In my profession, I spend so much time planning for the futures’ of others, and their loved ones, that I never had time to take into account my own health. So, I weighed in at an unattractively cuddle-able 287lbs, my suits were tight feeling, and I had no energy. Something had to change.


Describe your most memorable experience with us?

Wow! There’s literally dozens of them to pick from in such a short time… Seeing everyone dressed up for this past WOD-O-Ween was hilarious, and going out socially with some of the other participants of CF has been great. I’d say that the most memorable experience with CFLR was when I felt like a part of the family. It was one day in early September, and I recall one of the regulars saying hi to me by name, which shocked me, because I wouldn’t say I kept to myself, but I didn’t regularly talk to this individual. I knew then that I was part of something more. The family/friendship atmosphere at CFLR is amazing.

Has being a part of CrossFit Little Rock changed your life? (i.e. weight loss, health benefits, completed a 5k, etc.)

YES!! I have lost over 40lbs in the short time that I’ve been actively going to CFLR, feel amazingly better, and don’t have near the body pains (from doing nothing) that used to drag me down daily. Mentally, my spirits and attitude has improved, and it’s helped me have the energy to grow my business further and focus better too. I have met many now great friends, and try to tell others about the benefits of CFLR whether they’re looking for a change or not. Jonathan & Tiphany have made this place special.

What is your favorite WOD and why?

Favorite WOD would have to be the Dirty 30 or Filthy 50 – basically anything that I can look at and say “Oh $@!*, that’s going to hurt” is a positive, because I like the challenge. Most recently, we had an improvised WOD due to the weather – I had just finished my last RFT and Jake asked me “are you done bro” to which I said “yeah” and we were both a little shocked that I had finished second because my times have gotten better and my endurance has increased.

What is your favorite movement and why?

I like KBS, and F/B squats the best. I’ve never had to do any sort of Olympic style weight training in any previous routines/avenues of life, but these somehow have fit into my niche I’d say.


What are some of your current goals in CrossFit?

There are about 12 of them… but, I have a bet going with Jonathan that when I can do 4 pull ups without a band, he’ll wear a razorback shirt, so that’s a pretty big goal. Also, I’d like to be able do a HSPU and anything that I feel like I have a mental block prohibiting me from accomplishing. Jake keeps pushing me to never stay static or get comfortable with doing a certain prescribed weight, so I try to make sure I keep pushing myself so I never let CF become a stagnant part of my life.