Name: Rachel Faber

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I moved to Little Rock in August of this year to begin medical school and decided to start doing CrossFit. I had always been really active in the gym and had done some circuit training work, but never actually tried CrossFit. I came to CrossFit Little Rock because a friend of mine (Trey) highly recommended it.

Where do you work at?  What is your position?  What do you do there?

I am currently in my first year of medical school at UAMS. It has been extremely busy so far, but thankfully I have CrossFit to give me a break from studying everyday!

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

When the weather is nice I like hiking and playing volleyball. Since I am new to the area I have been trying to explore all of the awesome hiking spots around here. So far I have been to Pinnacle, Petit Jean, and Mt. Nebo. Now that the weather is getting colder I haven’t been able to explore much, but next spring I will be making trips up to the Ozarks.  


What is your favorite cheat meal?

I am an absolute sucker for any type of pizza. I would like to say it is my cheat meal, but if I am being honest it is a regular meal for me. Taking pizza out of my diet may have to be my New Year’s resolution!

Describe your first WOD with CrossFit Little Rock?

I can’t really remember what my very first WOD was, but the first one I remember was Fran. That was my first time doing more than 10 pull-ups in a row it was ridiculously difficult. But one of the things I love about CrossFit is that it challenges me to do exercises I would never choose to do myself. Since that first time doing pull-ups I have drastically improved and look forward to seeing how many I can do a year from now!

What was the catalyst that made you think, “I have to start working out” or “change your current work routine”?

I anticipated that medical school would eat up most of my free time so I wanted to join CrossFit to maximize that time. I know when I come to CrossFit that I will be able to get a great workout in less than an hour. Before I moved I was getting really bored with my workout routine and felt I wasn’t challenging myself, so that and beginning medical school really pushed me to give CrossFit a try.

Describe your most memorable experience with us?

The time we had to do the Filthy Fifty WOD was definitely the most memorable for me. I remember coming in that day and thinking, “There is no way in hell I will finish this!” It was by far the most difficult WOD I have done yet, but also the most rewarding when it was all over. There were a few times I thought I was going to lose my lunch, but thankfully that didn’t happen and I was the first female to finish that day!

How has being apart of CrossFit Little Rock changed your life? (i.e. weight loss, health benefits, completed a 5K, etc.)


Before I started doing CrossFit I had signed up to do a ToughMudder with my dad in Dallas, Texas and on October 26 I completed the course in 2 hours and 22 minutes! By the time the race came, I had been doing CrossFit for about 2 months and I really noticed a difference in my strength. I completed every obstacle and only needed help on obstacles where my height was really a disadvantage! My dad and I were in the first heat and I ended up being the second girl to finish and we were the tenth and eleventh finishers overall.

What is your favorite WOD and why?

I think my favorite WOD so far was the one on September 11.

800 M run

11 Box Jumps

11 Thrusters

11 Burpees

11 Power cleans

11 HSPU’s

11 KB swings

11 Toes to bar

11 Deadlifts

11 Push jerks

800M run

I really like WOD’s that incorporate a lot of different movements because I feel like a get a good all over workout. I also tend to get bored of one movement if we have to do it repetitively for more than 20 reps. There was also the added motivation of remembering the tragedy that took place 12 years ago because I have many friends in the armed forces who were deployed because of the war that ensued following that terrible day.

What is your favorite movement and why?

Some people might think I am crazy, but I love doing wall balls! I like being able to see how high I am throwing the ball, and anything that works out my legs is A-ok with me.

What are some of your current goals in CrossFit?

I really want to be able to string 25 Double unders together without giving myself welts!