I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. You could say my athletic background began when I was 6 and my dad signed me up for a local 1 mile fun run. It became an annual tradition for about the next 10 years until I finally won it and basked in my first little taste of glory. I ran cross country, wrestled and played soccer in high school. Upon graduation, I attended the US Air Force Academy where I suddenly became remarkably average. While there, I was selected for the Academy’s parachute team, which afforded me the opportunity to get almost 600 jumps, as well as countless good times. I also dabbled in snowboarding, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking and the recreational consumption of peyote buttons depending on my wampum cache. I completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 2006. After the academy I was able to obtain a masters degree in comparative literature from the University of Texas. I then completed pilot training and was selected to fly the mighty C-130 at Little Rock AFB... which brought me here. Current training goals include doing my first triathlon, getting abs like Matt Lambert and being the next Bachelor. I am a Libra and consider moonlit walks and candlelight dinners among my favorite activities.