April 4, 2014 Friday

ANNOUNCEMENT: Reminder...we will NOT have a 6PM class on Friday.  We will be setting up for the Rocktown Throwdown on Saturday.  We still need some volunteers to help judge at least one WOD.  PLEASE message me on Facebook, email, or call me if you can volunteer.


Double Unders

1 Minute Work & 1 Minute of Rest x 5



With PR’s that include a 300# dead lift, 230# front squat, 170# push jerk, 4:09 RX Fran and muscle ups with ease.  This helped Lauriel to place 16th in the 2010 Southwest Sectionals (Pre Open days), which earned her a spot to 2010 Regionals. She competed in 2010 Regionals against many well known names like Kristen Clever, who won the 2010 Games, Rebecca Voigt and Katie Hogan.

In 2011 after the first Open WOD she was sitting in a strong 29th place in the world and looking good for a Masters spot to the Games.
As the end of the first week closed in April 2011 she knew something was not right.  After fighting massive head aches and fatigue for a couple days she went to the ER.  She was diagnosed with a Grade 4, Glioblastoma Multiforme.  This is the most aggressive and incurable brain cancer there is.  Less than 50% survive 1 year after diagnosis.

Lauriel went through chemotherapy, radiation and a drug trial in the months after her first brain surgery.  While all this was happening along with trying to come to grips with the realization of her diagnosis she started CrossFit again, about 6 weeks after surgery.  Barely 6 months later she was fighting cancer in a different way.  Out in the hot AZ sun, in a parking lot doing “Grace”, for the annual Barbells for Boobs to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer.

She continued her recovery, mentally and physically with CrossFit being a huge part and completed the 2012 Open in 368th place out of over 1100 worldwide!  In September 2012 the tumor returned and she had her second surgery.  Again a few weeks later she was at the box giving the WODs her all and not letting the surgery, the Benadryl every 4 hours, or the 2 different continuous chemo drugs slow her down.

2013 arrives and Lauriel is excited about preparing for the Open once again.  The MRI shows the tumor is growing again and a 3rd surgery is on the horizon.  Instead of being defeated she continued her recovery and entered the Open knowing she might not be able to complete all the WODs before surgery.  She finished the 5th WOD and 2 days later had her 3rd surgery in March 2013.  A few weeks later she once again started back at the box all over again.

The tumor is now growing rapidly and starting in new places in her brain.  One of the new tumors is responsible for her losing most of her memory although she does remember most people’s names but not necessarily why.  She is very confused, very tired and is only awake for about 4-5 hours a day.  Lauriel is home and on Hospice care now.  There is nothing medically left to do at this point.  She is comfortable, not in any pain and not scared.

23 Deadlifts (155#/105#)
23 Handstand push-ups
23 Back squats (155#/105#) from the floor
23 Burpees
23 Ground-to-overhead (155#/105#)