June 25, 2014 Wednesday

ANNOUNCEMENT: Have you ever thought what can CrossFit do for my teenager?  Well, we now have a High School training program at 1PM Monday - Thursday.  You can add you teenager on for just $79 a month.

After 3 months of training one of our athletes from Catholic High has added 95lbs to his back squat and 3 inches to his vertical jump.  We are still testing this week and I will have more progress to share.  Gains like these will benefit him when he pitches for Catholic High this year. 


Bulgarian Split Squat with Kettlebells

10-10-10-10-10 with kettlebell in each hand ten reps each leg


This looks harder than it is. Think about it, each round you are running less and doing less reps.  So, you should be able to keep the same pace throughout the whole workout. 

800M Run

25 Chest to Bar/Pull Ups

25 Sit-ups

600M Run

20 Chest to Bar/Pull Ups

20 Sit-ups

400M Run

15 Chest to Bar/Pull Ups

15 Sit-ups

200M Run

10 Chest to Bar/Pull Ups

10 Sit-ups