June 5, 2014 Thursday


THIS SEMINAR IS FOR ANYONE!!! No matter what your weightlifting experience is. 

Folks have asked about the group discount for our June 22 Russian weightlifting seminar. Groups of 3 or more get 30% off. This brings the per person price to $139 (observe only) or $182 (observe & lift). Use coupon code: Russian30

Sign-up at:http://crossfitlittlerock.com/pro-shop/russian-weightlifting-seminar

So we noticed that it is hot outside and we have decided to make a huge investment into our CrossFit box and we are getting a Big Ass Fan next week.  I'm not being vulgar for the sake of it, that is the actual name of the company.  This will cool down the box significantly!!!  get ready for a cooler summer at CrossFit Little Rock!


Front Rack Walking Lunges

5 Lengths total distance - (95/65)



200M Run

10 Toes to Bar

15 Hang Cleans (115/75) *Challenge 135/95

20 Box Jumps