August 1, 2014 Friday

ANNOUNCEMENT: We still have a few spots available for our Saturday Weightlifting Seminar with Dmitry Klokov.  It is from 9:30am - 6pm.  The whole day is just $265.  Email to sign up. 


Split Jerk

3-3-3-3-3 @ 75%



One partner works at a time while the other holds a static movement of dead hang or plank (alternate the static hold each movement). Partner can only work when other partner is in static hold or hang. Alternate from movement to static every 10 reps (except DUs).

60 box jumps 24/20

60 jumping pull ups

60 KBS 35/25

60 Walking Lunges

60 K2E

60 Push Press 55/45

60 Good Mornings 45/35

60 WBs 20/14

60 Burpees 100 DUs (50 each)