January 12, 2015



Don't forget we are having our Member Appreciation Breakfast & Nutrition Challenge Kick Off this Saturday at 11am!!! 

Remember everyone that we are prepping for the CrossFit Open! Intensity is key! Participation in the open is not required but it is encouraged, especially with the new addition of a scaled category. If you have no desire of participating in the open, this program will still help you tremendously with your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Also, you'll just look better naked.

Please don't skip out on a day because it looks intimidating. We will still scale accordingly!!

Hip mobility
EMOM 10 min
8 thrusters (95/65) this is more about form than weight. Prescribed is encouraged but not mandatory. Focus on efficient movement and recovery before the next set
3x max effort strict pull-up (use minimum strength band if ten reps is not achievable)

12 min amrap
12 hang clean (95/65)
10 wallball (20/14)
8 bar over burpee

CrossFit Lite

12 min amrap
12 hang clean (75/45)
10 wallball (14/10)
8  burpees