May 26, 2015


ANNOUNCEMENT: Tomorrow we will have a professional photographer taking pictures during the 5PM and 6PM class.  If you would like to be photographed, please feel free to wear your favorite workout outfit.  If you do not want to be in the photos, just let the photographer know that you are not comfortable.  But, y'all don't strike me as the shy type :)


3x5 S2OH

3x5Hang Clean

3x5 Thruster (complete all within 15 min


For time:

Run 400

20 burpees

20 pullups

20 hang clean (95/65)

Run 400

30 Box Jump

30 thruster 

50 double under

Run 400

20 burpees

20 S2OH 

Run 400

We will scale weight and reps accordingly. Enjoy