May 4, 2015

This will be considered a de-load week. The object of this week is to allow your 

Central Nervous System (CNS) to recover while still getting quality workouts in. If 

you have been fully participating in the strength program you should be pretty beat 

up by this point. Keep that in mind during this week and make recovery your 

number 1 priority. Follow percentages strictly and focus on fluid movement and 

quality technique. 



3x20 Russian KB swing (53/35) Rest 1 min between sets

8x3 Power clean (No touch and go reps) @ no more than 65% of 1 RM


For time:

Run 400m

15 Power Snatch (75/45)

Run 400m

15 Power Snatch

15 Pull-up

Run 400m

15 Power Snatch