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Are you ready to improve your performance in the gym, shed some weight or gain some muscle? The Renaissance Periodization program can help you learn how and when to eat to in order to maximize your results.

Starting this journey with other CFLR members can make all the difference in sticking with it!  Fitness is a lifestyle, not just a workout.


Fuel Your Fitness 90-Day Program Includes:

·        Nutrition Coaching utilizing Renaissance Periodization

o   What to eat (a convenient list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient, ex - protein, carbs fats)

o   When to eat them (based around when YOU train)

o   How much to eat based on gender, bodyweight, and goals of weight loss or weight gain.

o   Covers how to eat on non-training days, light, moderate, and hard training days (with examples and instructions of each type of workout to easily classify)

o   Body Fat % and Weight checks every 2 weeks to track progress.

Click the following bullets for more info on Renaissance Periodization:

·       Transformations with Renaissance Periodization

·       Renaissance Periodization Staff

·       Frequently Asked Questions

Notable Renaissance Periodization Strength Clients

·       Mattie Rogers (USA World Team Member)

·       Chyna Cho (9th Place 2015 CrossFit Games)

·       Colleen Fotsch (Grid League Athlete)

·       Becca Day (Grid League Athlete)

·       Charis Chan (58kg American Record Holder)

·       Lindy Barber (CrossFit Games Athlete)

·       Travis Cooper (USA World Team Member)

·       Kathleen Winters (USA World Team Member)

·       Ariel Stephens (2014 American Open Champion)