Once you have completed the Foundations Program you are ready to join the CrossFit group training classes. CrossFit group training is what we are all about and the main offering at CrossFit Little Rock. In the CrossFit group classes we will push you to a level you didn’t know existed. Constantly ramping up the intensity and speed based on your proficiency of your lifts. CrossFit group training is offered multiple times throughout the day. No matter what training time you attend you will find a coach and workout partners that will encourage, motivate and push you to be your best. CrossFit Little Rock does not offer a “quick fix”. We offer a community and a lifestyle that will make you happier and healthier. We will educate and help you develop goals for yourself.

If you are short on time then CrossFit group training is for you. The workouts rarely go over 45 minutes and will see results from your hard work! View the schedule and the membership rates to see what option will work best for you.

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