Nutrition Coaching utilizing Renaissance Periodization 

  • What to eat (a convenient list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient, ex - protein, carbs fats)
  • When to eat them (based around when YOU train)
  • How much to eat based on gender, bodyweight, and goals of weight loss or weight gain.
  • Covers how to eat on non-training days, light, moderate, and hard training days (with examples and instructions of each type of workout to easily classify)


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Notable Renaissance Periodization Strength Clients

  • Mattie Rogers (USA World Team Member)
  • Chyna Cho (9th Place 2015 CrossFit Games)
  • Colleen Fotsch (Grid League Athlete)
  • Becca Day (Grid League Athlete)
  • Charis Chan (58kg American Record Holder)
  • Lindy Barber (CrossFit Games Athlete)
  • Travis Cooper (USA World Team Member)
  • Kathleen Winters (USA World Team Member)
  • Ariel Stephens (2014 American Open Champion)