5th Annual Reindeer Games

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5th Annual Reindeer Games


DECEMBER 10, 2016 (8am-1pm)

The Central Arkansas Reindeer Games is an annual 4-person team (2 guys/2 girls) charity event.  All proceeds raised go to a local charity of our choice. 

Reindeer Games V WODs

Here are LAST year's WODs to give you an idea of standards.

2015 WOD 1
Each partner participates - 4 Minute Cap each partner.

20 Cal Row
20 Burpees
20 Pull-ups

Each teammate's time counts as a WOD Score. Ring rows will be allowed and a 30 second penalty will be added to the final time.

2015 WOD 2

Synchronized Max Front Squat Weight in 5 Minutes

Male Weight choices - 155/135/105
Female Weight choices - 105/85/65

Both men and both women must use the same barbell. Teams will have 5 minutes to establish max total weight. One male and one female pair perform synchronized squats, while the other pair rests. They will then pass the bar to the other same-sex partner. The bar cannot touch the ground once the WOD begins.

Penalty is 10 burpees per teammate each time a barbell hits the ground.

2015 WOD 3 & 4

Immediately after WOD 2 begins WODs 3 & 4.

The heavier the weight you choose in WOD 2, the less reps you have to do in WODs 3 & 4.

155/105= 10 reps
135/85 = 15 reps
105/65 = 20 reps

2015 WOD 3- Guys Pair (7 minute cap)
5 Rounds for time
Wall balls


2015 WOD 4- Girls Pair (7 minute cap)
5 Rounds for time
Wall balls

Score is time completed for each pair. 7 minute time cap for WOD 3 and 4.

2015 WOD 5
Each teammate will complete the following workout relay style (only one teammate working at a time). When teammate one finishes all reps, he or she will then tag teammate two to begin. The same method applies for teammates three and four.

Score is total time for all team members to complete. Once second penalty will be applied for each rep not completed.

20 Hang Power Clean (95/65) or 30 (75/55)
20 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65) or 30 (75/55)
20 Snatch (95/65) or 30 (75/55)
20 Thrusters (95/65) or 30 (75/55)

18 Minute time cap.

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